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Welcome to the website of the Embark Federation

The Federation was set up by two schools in Derbyshire; Richardson Endowed Primary and Kilburn Junior School. As both schools were strong and well respected across the county the partnership was not forced and formed with the belief that we are ‘stronger together’ and that there would be a large number of advantages for the children of both schools.

In our Federation we strongly believe that schools are unique and should be at the heart of their communities. The schools do not force links but do work together when the children and staff can benefit from this. Each school retains its autonomy but is supported by the Federation and its structure.

There are a number of benefits including;


Working together in this way helps to raise educational standards. A study conducted by Ofsted in 2011 found that of the 61 schools across 29 Federations all had raised standards and seen improved outcomes.


Develop leadership skills and succession planning. Being able to grow our own leaders and retain them.


To be able to use specialist skilled staff across schools.


Wider opportunities for pupils.


Wider opportunities for staff in their career development.


Financial benefits, greater purchasing power and shared resources.


Building strong links between communities.


Share resources/planning across the schools and opportunities for shared projects.

The Federation has established its core beliefs and these are key to everything we do. These are Family, Integrity, Teamwork and Success and are explained in more detail on this website.

If you are interested in working with, finding out more about joining our Federation please fill in the form below or on our contact us page and we will be delighted to speak to you.

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